About Us

Introducing Dancin’ Days Festival Camping:
Pioneering Festival Accommodations Since 1998!

🎉 About Us 🏕️

As the original festival camping outfitter, Dancin’ Days Festival Camping has been synonymous with comfort and style in festival accommodations for several decades. With a rich legacy providing festival attendees with a cozy and appealing home away from home, we have become an integral part of the festival experience. Our presence has graced events such as Grey Fox, FloydFest, LEAF, MerleFest, and numerous others, earning us a reputation as the go-to name for done-for-you festival camping. We are committed to elevating the camping experience and delivering comfort to our guests.

💃 Dancin’ Through the Years 💃

Before "glamping" was even a coined term, we were crafting unforgettable camping moments. Originally known as "Dancin' Dave's Festival Camping," our journey began in 1998 with the visionary David "Dancin' Dave" Versch at the helm. Fuelled by his passion for dance and music festivals, Dancin' Dave's Festival Camping emerged as a manifestation of his love for both. The essence of rhythm and celebration was infused into the very fabric of our offerings.

🌟 Transition and Legacy 🌟

In 2014, the reins of Dancin' Days were gracefully passed to Susan Byer, a friend, and co-worker of Dancin' Dave, who seamlessly stepped into the role of sole proprietor. Susan's background, which involved swinging sledge hammers and climbing a circus big-top, made the transition to curating festival camping experiences with many smaller tents a natural progression. Her journey alongside Dancin' Dave began in 2009, ignited by a serendipitous meeting on a festival dance floor.

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 A Family Affair 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

Operating the business in tandem with her partner John, Susan brings a passion for both festival spirit and exceptional service. Their young son, an enthusiastic companion, often joins in their adventures, imbuing family warmth into every endeavor. This familial energy infuses our accommodations, creating spaces where guests become part of our extended family.

🎶 Honoring a Legacy 🎶

We carry David "Dancin' Dave" Versch's legacy with honor and love. His spirit, vision, and boundless energy continue to inspire us as we build upon the foundation he laid. Though he left us in 2018, his memory lives on in every dancing step, every festival beat, and every joyful gathering we facilitate.

🏕️ Our Promise 🏕️

Dancin’ Days Festival Camping pledges to remain at the forefront of affordable festival accommodation innovation. With unwavering dedication, we transform camping into an art, infusing our spaces with comfort, style, and the spirit of celebration. As we move forward, our commitment to delivering enchanting experiences remains steadfast, as we dance through the years, forever intertwined with the heartbeat of festivals.

🎉 Join Us in the Celebration! 🎉

Susan Byer, John Furbush, Jeremy Garrison, and Deena Hudson are some of our festival family that you are likely to meet out in the campground after doing the work of making your home away from home. Say hello and dance with us, we love to meet our guests!

With honor and love for David. 1949-2018

Dave and his lovely wife, Lynn; our equipment trailer; Dave's buddy Sam Bush

Susan & Dave cuttin' the rug; Susan, her partner John, and their son; Susan on the big-top; from one big tent to many little tents